Randy Hedlund

Youth/Children's Ministry
Randy Hedlund, Elder, Youth/Children's Ministry
I grew up in a church-going family.  At home I was taught to conduct myself as a Christian, yet I don’t recall hearing the need for personal salvation through my church.  I did pray to receive Christ a couple of times at youth camp because I wanted to go to heaven, but I didn’t really understand the work of Christ on my behalf.
As a teenager, I got involved with a high school Bible study.  Through the things I was learning in Bible study and the stresses I felt  about planning for college and career, I came to a point of realizing the need to personally repent of my sins and I surrendered my life to Christ.  I began to truly grow in my relationship with Christ through this high school study and later through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.   After completing college, I volunteered for the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ and served at their headquarters for three years.  I met and married my wife, Wendy, during this time.
Over the years I have developed a passion for studying and teaching the Bible which is God’s word for man’s need.   We moved to Green Bay and joined Bethel Baptist Church in 1993.  I began teaching adult Sunday school classes shortly after that.  A few years later I began serving on the church elder board.  I continue to teach adults in Sunday school classes and New Community Groups.