If you read yesterday’s post, hopefully you also read and meditated on Philippians 2:1-8.

You probably also recognize this text, that God has given to us through Paul, is not only for married couples, but applies in all of your relationships.

Today, I encourage you to read Phil 2:1-8 again and pray through this text.  Ask the Lord to grow your humility, and your active love for others; ask Him to grow your willingness to empty yourself of yourself, and increase your desire to actively look for ways to serve Him and others; ask the Lord to grow your obedience to Him and in what areas do you need to become more obedient.

Two applications for me personally as I have meditated on these verses: 1. How can I actively look out for the interests of others more than I do today, verse 4?  2. To what “point” am I willing to be obedient; fully and completely, even to the point of death, or some point short of that?; in what areas do I justify my sin?, verse 8.

And of course today there is a video for the ladies…..htpps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPPx3MHeHys