We met as a Community Group last night as we do twice a month on Sunday night.  I so look forward to these evenings together and last night was a good example of why.

Not everyone in our group was able to make it.  One family had another activity on their calendar, one family was celebrating their anniversary out of town, another family had just welcomed a son this past week.  The rest of us gathered in our living room and started by praying.

We prayed for these folks in our group who were not physically with us, but were on our hearts.  We thanked God for them, and praised Him for His goodness toward them.  We thanked God for a family from our church who is at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.  They also had a new addition to their family over the weekend.  We prayed for this family, even though several in our group do not know them.  This is one of the joys of our community group.  We pray together for people we all know, and for people we do not all know.  The joy is that we pray together, as a group.

We talked about the sermons from the past two weeks, and how we can better apply these messages in our own lives.  How our discipline in living the 3 most important Spiritual Disciplines- God’s Word, prayer, confession of sin– will result in our abiding in Jesus Christ, which will lead to our growing in the joy of obeying God.  One leads to the next.

The guys went to another room and we shared how we are doing in these 3 critical Spiritual Disciplines…..where we are disciplined and growing, and where we are not.  And we prayed together.  And we will continue to pray for each other, and encourage each other to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Because this is what brothers do.  They look out for each other and care for each other.  And the ladies are doing the same.

This is why I love the folks in our Community Group.  This is why I love Community Groups.  And this is why I am refreshed on these Sunday evenings.

*Full disclosure……the guys did keep tabs on the end of the football game.  Go Packers!!