Rod Baldwin

Rod Baldwin - Elder

I was raised in Northern Wisconsin where my family regularly attended a church that was very religious and I thought that all I had to do was perform good works and I would go to heaven. In 1987 I was married to my beautiful wife Judy and started attending church together where a new pastor came to the church and began preaching the gospel and held Bible studies.

This is what the Lord used to save me from my sin and transform my life, where my life changed from me being lord, to Christ being Lord of my life. One of the first memories of my life in Christ was the battle with sin and my desire to read and study the scriptures.

After some time in that church we left and began attending a Bible-preaching church where my desire to know and teach and preach the Word of God was ever-increasing. It was in this Church that I became an elder and began teaching Bible studies and Adult Sunday School.

After a while at that church the Lord led us to Bethel. The Lord has increased that desire to serve as an Elder/ Pastor and a passion for God to be glorified through the preaching and teaching of His Word and proclaiming the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My wife and I have five children and live in the country on a hobby farm, where we enjoy the outdoors.